Tory Lanez Thinks He’s ‘Unworthy’ Of God’s Love –

Rap crooner Tory Lanez is all about the positivity and prayers heading into weekend goals. The hip-hop star has stepped up to share his state of mind with Friday in full effect.


TL went to his Twitter page to speak up about what he’s thinking. Lanez revealed he’s focused on sending prayers to his peers and acknowledged just how blessed he’s feeling.

“The love God has for me …. I’m unworthy … who am I to deserve the blessings bestowed on me ? GOD DESERVES ALL THE GLORY AND ALL THE PRAISE … I’m so unashamed to worship your name father !!!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 … Today’s a day …. that everyone else needs prayer !!! Going to call my peers all day and pray for em !!!! Do the same for someone today !!!!”

Earlier in the week, Detroit rapper Royce da 5’9 went on Twitter to mention the Canadian rap crooner and asked him to respond to a freestyle fired his way courtesy of rapper Cassidy. Royce hilariously added wanting to drop the message earlier but his girl wouldn’t let him use the Internet.

You gon respond @toryLanez ? I like when you in that bag [Gorilla emoji] Pardon my lateness y’all my girl wouldn’t let me online ..

Word? hope so

The Philadelphia rapper is back on his bars. The hip-hop veteran has come through with his hard-hitting “Perjury” diss song aimed at overnight rap rival Tory Lanez.

Lanez doesn’t get any mercy from Cass on the four-minute record. The Philly rapper does everything from reference his alleged shooting of rapper Megan Thee Stallion to making ample accusations of stealing lyrics from other artists.

“F*ck all the hype, you’ve been a b*tch all your life/But shoot a chick quick like Eddie in Harlem Nights – you ain’t from where we from, Canada got free healthcare, you gonna need some/Stolen bars in all of the records that he’s done/None of his sh*t’s original, sh*t’s pitiful/I was on records before the game went digital”

Last month, Cass struck first by lighting up his social media pages with side-by-side footage showing his throwback lyrics getting used in Lanez’s more recent music. The Philly battle rap legend even crowned himself Tory’s fave artist.

“I’m @torylanez favorite rapper #RNS Ain’t no denying that 👀👂🏾 #GoatGang 🐐 Show me the respect I deserve & #LetsGetToThisChicken 💵 #BARSisBack #DaEnergy ⚡️”

Instead of staying mum or falling back, Lanez stood up to Cassidy and hit up his comments section. Tory acknowledged the bars but credited it to him showing the rap veteran proper respect and pointed out some big facts.

“I guess this is what happens when u try to pay homage ….. the first freestyle I shouted ya name out becuz u did inspire me . The second one I went on YOUR beat . Sh*t is sad how U old n*ggas be mad at the young n*ggas for not showing love then when we do … we get responses like this …. U are one of my favorite rappers Cass ….. what’s the problem ? 🤨”

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