YK Osiris Calls Out ‘Fake’ Artists Who Don’t Follow Through On Collabs

YK Osiris jumped on the gram recently to criticize “fake” artists who don’t follow through on collab requests.

“This is why I don’t be friendly,” the singer said in the video. “Artists have the same line, this one line: ‘What’s your number, when we gon’ lock-in?’ N***a I gave you my number a hundred thousand times, n***a! We not lockin’ in! Like, n***a stop askin’ for my number every time you see me! Like we never met! And they be like, ‘When you droppin’ some more music?’ N***a you don’t give a f*ck! Why you care?!”


Dismayed, he went on to say, “N****s crazy, bro. It be the same line every time you see them. Same smile. Same fake smile. N***a! Get on. Let’s say ‘hey’ and ‘bye.’ If you wanna f*ck wit’ somebody, you gon’ f*ck wit’ ‘em.” Earlier in 2021, Osiris was spotted “locked in” in the studio with Lil Tjay and Hitmaka, allegedly working on new music.

With that said, YK’s fits have garnered more attention than his music as of late. Back in January, his custom Gucci outfit was roasted by Mustard and 21 Savage, with the latter saying that YK “looked like a suitcase.” I gotta explain myself,” Osiris said in a clip shared to social media to rebuttal all the clowning. “Y’all n****s so stupid. Made by Exclusive Gang. And y’all know my boy. [It’s a] customized jacket. Y’all n***as be talkin’ all that bullcrap.” Savage responded with, “he needs help. Can’t have him looking like Delta luggage.”

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