Iggy Azalea Could Make An Ice Cream Cone Melt In These 4 Outdoors Pics – SOHH.com

Australian rapper Iggy Azalea knows how to demand all the attention. Everyone’s favorite international hip-hop artist has come through with ample body-ody-ody courtesy of some new outdoors pics.


Iggy lights up Instagram with a set of four snapshots. The pics show her serving up must-like poses and plenty of confidence from head to toe. Check them out below.

There really might be nothing wrong with going outdoors unmasked just as long as you stay six feet apart and slay like Iggy.

We dare you to find a flaw. It’s pure perfection captured in this moment.

All kidding aside, where is Iggy’s waist? The body is too right-right. Slay on ’em, sis.

It’s all in the walk, don’t worry about the talk. Iggy strides forward and has the fashion goals fully loaded up.

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