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The Fugees might not be back-back together but with Lauryn Hill blowing fans away with her King’s Disease II collaboration with Nas and now Wyclef Jean teaming up with backpack and accessories giant Sprayground to not only drop a new music video but put together its largest collection ever?


Well – it’s starting to give, “Ooh La La La” vibes to say the least. Turns out Wyclef really is doing it big though and all Fugees jokes aside, the kids, teens and college-aged folks alike have even more reason to love the fusion of hip-hop and standout backpack options Sprayground has come through with on the regular.

Jean is known for many things but to help launch a 100-piece collection packed with edgy designs the accessories world can feast its eyes on? It’s pretty epic. Via Team Sprayground:

To launch its most-anticipated collection to date, Sprayground has partnered with iconic artist and musician Wyclef Jean & genre defying artist Sandflower to promote the drop, with “Sprayground Summer,” a new song and video, mixed and mastered by world renowned music producers’ Buda and Grandz and Heads Music.  The video can be seen at: YouTube.com/watch?v=3d5vvy8ySI4

Sprayground is no stranger to signature patterns and crazy combinations, which is why each backpack is so unique. True to being a streetwear brand, Sprayground only offers a selection of items for a limited amount of time while supplies last. To see the collection, please visit Sprayground.com

Sprayground first captured worldwide attention when the ‘Hello My Name’ backpack debuted over 10 years ago. Sprayground founder, David BenDavid, had high hopes to create a brand that he felt represented his childhood and upbringing. Exposed to the streetwear and art scene from a young age, David took all this inspiration and turned it into creativity that is now admired by millions.

The collection of backpacks are expected to include Star Wars, Ricky & Morty – salute to Soulja Boy of course – and Naruto, plus ample in-house designed gear from one-off Sprayground collections.

But it wouldn’t be just dope if Jean teamed up with this simply insane drop. He takes it 10 times higher with a very dope “Sprayground Summer” music video with fellow performer Sandflower.

As someone who personally rocks with Sprayground hard-hard, I have to tip my cap and salute this power collaboration. For starters, Wyclef has always put the community first – notably with his time in Haiti trying to become its president to putting out powerful music and just appearing to be a solid hip-hop contributor altogether.

A year ago, the demand for Black creators and collaborations was louder than ever in light of companies “not getting it” and having to go back to the drawing board to realize the importance of Black influencers and contributors needing proper respect and opportunities to lead the pack.

Huge salutes to both Sprayground and Wyclef Jean for coming together on such a historic collaboration and in the spirit of hip-hop, keeping the back to school vibes way deeper than fresh kicks and clothing. The backpack flex is alive and well – more than ever.

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