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Atlanta rapper Young Thug is always one to draw the attention of the cameras. With fire music, cool friends, and a life anybody would be sure to enjoy, he’s living it up all the time.


Thugger celebrated his 30th birthday on Monday, and he made sure to go out looking fly and enjoy the night. While the hip-hop star settles down from a crazy night, here’s five of the birthday slime’s best outfits.

There is so much going on in this photo, and Thug is the center of it. His wildly colorful jacket goes well with the ice around his wrists and the “Slatt” necklace around his neck. Thugger has red glasses on as well, and certainly showed out with this fire fit.

We weren’t sure where to start with this paragraph. Do we focus on the cowhide jacket, or the jewelry around Young Thug’s neck? Or his high boots? Either way, this outfit is super fly and goes beautifully with the white marble background.

This simple but really, really fire outfit fits Thug and his persona well – although he’s usually one to go all out. He’s got a blue shirt with flowers on it and a load of jewelry on his arm, but it’s not all ice. There’s a lot of beads, and he’s also got jeans and orange kicks on.

This snakeskin outfit is super fire. Thug has a pink dress shirt on underneath with a summer-like collared shirt on – think flamingos. He’s rocking the dope trench coat with swag along with some unique glasses.

Ah – the best for last. Outfit-wise, it isn’t Thugger’s best look but the moment is an iconic one. He was at the VFILES Runway’s Season 7 show and sitting on the runway when he stood up and fixed a model’s collar while smoking a blunt. The So Much Fun rapper didn’t do it to this model in the picture, but it occurred at this event. He was also called on to be a mentor for the show.

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