Here’s 4 Looks At Hip-Hop Favs On Rides –

August 16th is National Roller Coaster Day. Who knew, right? Well, some of our favorite hip-hop artists, whether they knew about the special day or not, have had their likenesses immortalized in the ever-popular “roller coaster pic.” You know the one.


Check out these 4 fun Roller Coaster moments with some familiar faces.

Compton’s favorite poetic mc, Kendrick Lamar featured here hitting the hood up as he enjoys the ride.

The DONDA master of ceremonies, Kanye West is pictured here enjoying a fun coaster with some old family.

Throwback, yeah? These two look like they were having a great time. Travis might have done a little too much celebrating by the looks of it.

Even Queen Bae want’s to throw her hands in the air when the coaster gets rolling. If ya’ll needed a sign to get out to that park with the dope coaster you’ve been wanting to try out, here it is. Let’s GO!

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