Dr. Dre Posted His First Tweet in Two Years and People Have Thoughts

Dr. Dre fans aren’t too sure what’s going on after their favorite rapper, producer, and headphone mogul just shared his first tweet in almost two years. 

The tweet couldn’t have been any shorter, or more cryptic, as Dre—or likely someone on his team—tweeted out a random “L” in response to an even more random tweet. The tweet his account responded to was from Aug. 3, when Twitter user @bowyoade, or Brian, wrote about singer-songwriter V V Brown appearing in a recent edition of Metro.

“Great to see @VVbrown in today’s @MetroUK,” Brian wrote, to which Dre responded “L.”

As HipHopDX notes, there aren’t any obvious connections between Dre and Brown, and the tweet has remained on Dre’s page without being removed. It’s possible Dre just butt-tweeted this one, or someone on his team handed out an “L” via the wrong account. 

Eventually, Brown thanked Dre for the mention, L or not.

Prior to this, Dre’s last tweet was sent in November of 2019, when he shared a photo of himself with Kanye West, teasing a Jesus is King Part II with Yeezy. Of course, that album never happened.

As Dre’s bio reads “Dr. Dre does not tweet,” so it would be hard to believe he’s just handing out “L’s” every two years. Nevertheless, the apparent blunder had the people talking. Check some notable reactions to Dre’s first tweet in two years below.

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