Gabrielle Union + Dwyane Wade Flex Marriage Vacay Goals In These 5 Pics –

One of our favorite Hollywood couples, Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade live their lives on their terms. Something many aspire to do. If you ever wondered what ‘doing-it-right’ looked like fellas… this is it. No pressure. It’s just D. Wade and his superstar actress wife.


The award winning actress/entrepreneur/influencer/social-media-badass shares some awesome pics with fans of her and hubby D. Wade’s recent adventures.

Look at the both of em. They both appear to be ready for take off and then they pose for a pic like, “Hey, what’d ya want, right?”

Could of called this one the ab flex. Gabrielle looks stunning, as always. We need more slays, please, Gabrielle Union.

It’s the smiles for us.

So many people look for it. It’s there. In you. And it’s beautiful when you find someone that want’s your happiness just as much as you want theres.

That looks at you like Gabby looks at D. So much excitement.

I think a Lyfe Jennings quote works here: “When you got somebody good, you hold on to them.” Thank you to both Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade for sharing your adventures with us.

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