Idris Elba Keeps It Classic With These 2 Black n’ White Looks –

Ask anyone you might know who’s attracted to men about anything to do with Idris Elba and watch their faces light up. For obvious genetic reasons, this man commands a camera lens like no other man on the planet, ladies and gentlemen.


On top of that, he’s talented, faithful, giving, and can spin a sick hip-hop dj set to keep the party moving. All this and humble, too, Idris keeps it classic with these 2 black n’ white flexes.

Crying lady: “Idris! My babies are stuck in a basement with R. Kelly, Uncle Bill, and a Coscto case of Tussin! We need help!”

Idris Elba: “Say no more, ma’am, I’m on my way.”

That’s the look, right there. This guy shows up, gives this look. People follow him. Idk. It’s just how it works. I think it’s the facial hair.

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