Seven Picture Perfect Paris Slays –

Fans of the Big Mac Mama, rapper Saweetie knows she’s been in Paris recently finishing up her much anticipated album. Luckily for the world, she’s shared her Parisian slays all along the way.


This time, Saweetie gets up close and personal with these seven ‘paint-me-like-one-of-your-French-girls‘ slay looks.

It’s not too early to see Saweetie as a James Bond actress, right? She’s definitely got the look, we all know that.

Seriously, though. How is her hair not ‘fly-away’ crazy in that tub?

Look at the size of those jewels. The links are like, junk-yard sized, son.

We’re really seeing Saweetie in some kind of character acting role here. Maybe the next Storm from Marvel’s X-Men?

We really want to point out the detailing and accentuation of Saweetie’s eyes and face throughout this whole slay. Shouts to the make-up teams as well as the camera and lighting teams. As a viewer, we can really feel the warmth of the natural lighting that was utilized in the shots. The placement, planning, and production of this whole shoot appears to have resulted in photographic perfection. Flowers.

Saweetie going to be acting. Yup. And she gonna do a movie with Tiffany Haddish, ya’ll. Watch.

We love you Saweetie. That sauce on the burger with the fries and all that was actually really bomb. See ya on the big screen, Saweetie.

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