Kacey Musgraves Announces ‘Star-Crossed’ Album & Film, Shares Title Track

Spacey Kacey is back and it’s time to saddle up. 

Grammy-winning country star Kacey Musgraves told fans exactly what they wanted to hear on Monday with the announcement of her fourth studio album Star-Crossed and a corresponding film titled Star-Crossed: The Film, both of which are set to release on Sept. 10. 

She also shared the 15-song album’s title track alongside the reveal. Kacey’s film will be directed by Bardia Zeinali and be available to stream on Paramount+, with the trailer now viewable above. The record was recorded in just three weeks in Nashville, according to a press release, following the success of Musgraves’ 2018 album-of-the-year winner Golden Hour

The 50-minute Los Angeles-set film certainly sees TV and movie stars crossing, too, as it features Musgraves herself and cameos from Schitt’s Creek leading man Eugene Levy, Victoria Pedretti, Ru Paul’s Drag Race champ Symone, Princess Nokia, and Megan Stalter. In the trailer, Musgraves can be seen rocking a wedding dress, racing a horse, and lying down in a hospital, with the caption “What if our darkest tragedy became our greatest triumph?” appearing in bold text toward the end. 

“We wanted it to feel cinematic and epic without compromising the heart and the emotion, to feel fantastical and heightened and tell her story through the lens of art and fashion,” Zeinali said.

Listen to Musgraves’ “Star-Crossed” below.

Star-Crossed tracklist:

1. “Star-Crossed”

2. “Good Wife”

3. “Cherry Blossom”

4. “Simple Times”

5. “If This Was a Movie..”

6. “Justified”

7. “Angel”

8. “Breadwinner”

9. “Camera Roll”

10. “Easier Said”

11. “Hookup Scene”

12. “Keep Lookin’ Up”

13. “What Doesn’t Kill Me”

14. “There is a Light”

15. “Gracias a la Vida”

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