Cassidy Returns With Third Tory Lanez Diss Track “Lullaby”

Cassidy isn’t done just yet. The rapper just unleashed his third diss track aimed at Tory Lanez.

The new track, titled “Lullaby,” follows in the footsteps of the 7-minute “Plagiarism,” which was released just last week, and “Perjury,” which came at the beginning of August. “Lullaby” finds Cass rapping over a thumping trap beat, which he brags about moments into the song. Cass then takes aim at Tory’s hairline, and responds to the braggadocious claims Tory made on his response track “When It’s Dark.”

“That diss was cute, but you kept it short like your height yo, it’s aight tho,” he raps. “Your hair look like it got botox and your face look like it got lipo.” He continues to rag on Tory’s appearance, saying at one point that he’s “young as hell, but look 40.”asle

It also comes with some pretty straightforward cover art depicting a baby version of Lanez fast asleep in his crib.

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