Here’s 5 Pics Of Daystar + Kai Counting Money Together –

Cash still rules everything around Tory Lanez. The hip-hop star continues to lead the way against being blackballed in the recording industry and still finding ways to turn obstacles into success stories.


As Daystar Peterson pushes forward to make a living for himself, it’s only appropriate we take a moment to acknowledge the fact Tory Lanez hustles for his last name, not his first.

This slideshow of pics showcase more than just daddy duties between Tory and his son Kai. There are five priceless moments between them as they count stacks and – presumably – invest/plan for the future.

The snapshots feature them at a money-counting machine and while Lanez is technically Canadian, it’s pure American hundreds the duo are counting up. Check out the five snapshots of Kai and TL along with a solo shot of Tory posted up in a luxury whip.


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