Kanye West Fan Creates AI That Simulates Conversations With the Artist

As fans continue to anxiously wait for the release of Kanye West’s next album, Dondamany have also been watching the rapper very close to see when he’ll address the public.

Ever since November, when West’s failed presidential campaign came to a close, Kanye has mainly kept his thoughts to himself and the entire Donda rollout has been marked by his full-face masks.

Well, one person decided to end the silence by creating an AI that simulates conversations with Ye.

“I got tired of all the rumors and lack of information around the Donda rollout, so I made an AI that thinks and speaks like Kanye so I can get information from the closest thing to the man himself,” Twitter user Wesam wrote on Wednesday. The AI has an iMessage look to it, and users can text it whatever they want, and it will respond as if Kanye would.

Asking “how does the album sound” prompts responses like: “its good bro, I’m just trying to make sure that it sounds right on my heart and soul first before anybody else hears it.”

While the AI is impressive, it’s not completely accurate. If you ask it, “Are you still cool with Drake?” it responds, “yes I am.” It couldn’t be completely spot on, but still an impressive invention to help bide your time until the album drops.

Head here to give it a spin.

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