Lil Durk Warns Everyone About Cops Running Fake Accounts –

Chicago rapper Lil Durk wants everyone to be careful about what they’re pnmutting out publicly. The hip-hop star has stepped up to suggest law enforcement has both the streets and Internet highway on lock.



Durkio hit up his Twitter page to keep things a buck about the connection between arrests and social media flexing. While he didn’t pinpoint any particular platform,

“I’m thinking bigger then big … Police be on these fake accounts then boooooom you locked up”

Vixen Ari Fletcher also isn’t here for the online cap-cap. The hip-hop model recently stepped up to single out people doing the most online behind disguises and fake pages.

The popular model lit up Twitter and didn’t hold back. After initially sharing boyfriend Moneybagg Yo’s love for her – tweeting “This man really love me. Like forreal” – she shared a direct message about people fake flexing on the Internet.

“People can be whoever they wanna be on the internet. Pure fucking comedy, cause y’all not really like that.”

Recently, Rae Sremmurd’s Swae Lee went to his Instagram Story with a loud and clear message. The rap artist said not to create a fake persona on Instagram and asked everyone to be true to themselves.

“Don’t be out here misleading people on Instagram that sh*t ain’t cool social media makes it real easy to catfish like be true to yourself it’s not fair to people to make a whole fake persona then create a whole fake storyline”

The same week, buzz developed about “Love & Hip Hop” star Erica Mena possibly using a fake social media account to harass fellow cast member and past love interest Cyn Santana.

Mena was caught after she changed the name of her finsta account to the name of her newborn child, and tagged the profile’s new changed name on her main account. She never deleted her old comments and fans put two and two together, immediately calling her out. Safaree’s soon-to-be ex-wife had a whole account dedicated to hating on Santana.

Recently, Erica Mena’s estranged husband Safaree Samuels talked about how the Internet has made relationships even harder. Samuels blamed the online pressures for forcing people to behave certain ways.

“I just think marriage makes everything way more technical. It does. I feel like when you get to live like boyfriend and girlfriend, like, grown man real talk. I know it may sound childish and immature but I feel like marriage just makes everything way more serious than what it needs to be. Going to a supermarket, going to take out the garbage, it just makes everything more serious. I know people will be like, ‘Oh, I’ve been married for 20, 30 years -‘ alright, cool, that’s great. That’s y’all. We live in a different era now. And especially with this era of social media and people letting it really like, affect what they do on the daily, it’s not the same as, especially being in the public eye.” (Street 94.5)

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