Tory Lanez Roasts Cassidy Over His ‘Lullaby’ Diss Song –

Rap crooner Tory Lanez isn’t losing any sleep over what Cassidy is serving up to him. The hip-hop star has stepped up to low-key react to getting dragged by the battle rapper on his “A Lullaby” diss song.


While Tory didn’t go to his main social media accounts to address Cass’ disses, he did acknowledge the latest battle record aimed at his career. Lanez popped into the comments section of Internet personality Akademiks‘ Instagram post to downplay the song.

“😂😂😂 he was on YouTube searching like …….. “YOUNG NIGGA TYPE BEAT “ 🤣😂🤣😭”

Yesterday, Cass unloaded his audio fire at the rap crooner following his recently released “Plagiarism” battle song.

Instead of waiting for Lanez to come at him with a response to “Plagiarism” disses, Cass hit the go button on dropping his newest record. It clocks in at just under four minutes in length and focuses on both Lanez’s receding hairline and facial features.

The battle rapper hit up his Instagram page to plug the new record.

“New #MayhemMusic 🎶 “A LULLABY” 👀👂🏾 Y’all already know how I give it up! #Back2Back 🔥 Available now on my #youtube page #TapIn 🐐 #GoatGang #LetsGetToThisChicken 💵 @nyneonyne on the graphics 💨 N*ggas better leave me alone 😏 #PhillyStandUp #BARSisBack”

Despite delivering hard-hitting bars, not everyone was impressed. People lit up the comments section to share some disinterest in the rap disses.

“Anything for attention eh cass?”

“He didn’t reply to the 2nd one though..”

“Did he respond to the first one ? 👀”

“Bro shoot a video to a good diss with a nice beat… your best Bars aint enough to answer”

“Y’all beefing over a few lines in a freestyle 😂😂😂😂😂”

Earlier in the month, Cass showed no mercy to his biggest rap rival. The hip-hop veteran came forward with his unexpected “Plagiarism” diss song blasting away at Tory Lanez over bars-stealing and not properly putting respect on others’ names.

Cass delivered the must-hear song seemingly out of nowhere. He didn’t spare any lyrics with the song clocking in at nearly eight minutes in length and going off on claims.

“Tory had to move from LA because they put hands on him,” Cassidy raps. “Dog stole my bars on a big station/Sitting next to Funkmaster Flex, acting like you’re catching rec, saying my bars like my fans can’t recollect/I’m a winner, remember I was living check to check/Now I’m getting the type chicken the plug collect/N*gga we ain’t neck and neck because Tory Lanez wack and when he got his chain snatched, it went from neck to neck”

Lanez did much more than just drop some new music ahead of his When Its Dark NFT dropping. A few days ago, Tory released his freestyle’s visual treatment and referenced having zip-zero problems jacking anyone’s style and flow – notably Cassidy’s.

“I’ll steal a n*gga flow, and what? P*ssy! N*gga, and what? … Old n*ggas talking and I ain’t hearing them. I’ll leave Cass’ body in the same casket his career is in – you was in hotels with R. Kelly, we should flame you up.”

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