Saweetie Slays On The Couch In 10 Shots –

West Coast rapper Saweetie is not here for the rumors. She was alleged to have been spending time with ex-boyfriend and Migos star Quavo, but went online to shut it down.


Saw let followers know she doesn’t need a man in her life, but put the focus back on her McDonald’s meal. She’s doing her own thing and slaying every second of the way, so here’s two fire shots of Saweetie looking as fine as ever.

In these pics, the “Tap In” rapper is clocking in major time in New York City. She’s got the city behind her as she stunts on a fancy couch in what looks to be a Manhattan penthouse or hotel. Saw is showing off her figure, bending over, giving looks to the camera, and so much more in these wild shots.

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