Watch Baby Keem and Kendrick Lamar in Video for New Song “Family Ties”

Baby Keem has shared his new song “Family Ties,” featuring Kendrick Lamar. Keem also dropped off the track’s official music video, which you can watch up top.

As suggested by the track’s title and the artwork, Keem and Kendrick are related. Keem commented on his relationship with his cousin in an interview with Nadeska Alexis back in June. “Regarding Kendrick, it was, I don’t know…it was funny. Like, people already knew, so it was like, you know, it was just one of those things where it’s just like, it is what it is, you know?” Keem said, adding that their relationship “goes beyond music.”

He continued, “Whenever I need anything regarding, like, life, and if I need some wisdom, then that’s who I go to, you know? That’s one of the first people I look towards, him and Dave Free.”

At the time, Keem also touched on his partnership with pgLang, Kendrick and Free’s service company for creators. “They handle a lot of aspects creatively and, you know, management-wise and things like that for me,” he said of pgLang. “We work as a team to contribute to each other’s goals and things like that.”

In advance of the song arriving, Tidal hyped-up fans by sharing a snippet from “Family Ties,” which included Kendrick saying he’s going to be “smoking on your top five tonight.” Keem also shared a clip of the song in reverse, which prompted one fan to flip the clip, which appears to be Kendrick’s verse.

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