Lil Nas X and Tony Hawk Meet Up to Make a TikTok Skating Tutorial

After making “nah he tweakin” the viral sensation we couldn’t shake this past week, Lil Nas X linked up with Tony Hawk, and we get to see some of his skating skills—sort of.

In new photos and a TikTok that Nas X shared to Instagram on Monday, the two can be seen looking pretty radical together, holding up Hawk’s limited Liquid Death Mountain Water board and taking turns riding it in the comical clip.

The video, captioned “nah WE tweakin,” starts with Nas telling fans that he’s going to take on some skating tricks, before Hawk takes his place and does the dirty work. It ends with the rapper telling fans “that’s how you skateboard,” with Tony throwing out a faint yell of “tweakin” in the background. 

The pair’s last interaction took place last week, when it was revealed Hawk was selling a skateboard with his blood mixed in the deck paint, just months after Nas came under fire for selling his “Satan Shoes.” 

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