Cormega Finds The True Meaning In The Milk Crate Challenge –

New York rapper Cormega is getting deep with fans. The hip-hop veteran has stepped up to share his thoughts on the concept of the recent viral crate challenge.



Mega hit up Instagram with some thought-provoking comments. The Big Apple native suggested there’s much more to the crate challenge than people just getting from start to finish.

“I think this is stupid but the beauty of life is finding a message in everything. The life lesson from the crate challenge is a challenge we face in life. People will cheer you until you’re above them then they just want to see you fall off. I didn’t make the rules I just observe the games”

In August 2021, West Coast rapper Blueface did what everyone else couldn’t. A video emerged of the hip-hop star completing the viral challenge.

Blueface successfully did the crate challenge, but not with complete ease. He looks on edge in the video but athletically finishes his attempt down the crates, posting the video on his Twitter. The challenge calls for people to walk across a pyramid of crates without falling.

“Crate challenge”

While Blueface might be rocking with it, rap legend Lil Wayne‘s daughter Reginae Carter is not here for the milk crate challenge. As the viral trend leads to countless laughs (and also injuries), she went online to dish out here thoughts on it.

Recently, Carter tweeted out a message about how people are focused on this challenge instead of real issues. She kept it simple and to the point and asked followers why everybody was concerned about walking across crates at the moment.

“This really a monkey see monkey do a** world ! Why are we all thinking about walking across crates right now ? 😂😂😂😂”

While Carter might disagree with the challenge, West Coast rapper Game is loving the viral crate challenge simply because it’s allowing him more time to link up with women. The hip-hop star has shared his stance toward the online movement and hinted at what he’s doing while men are putting their bodies on the line in the name of trending.

The California native hit up his Twitter page to keep things a buck. While he didn’t single any particular person out, Game referenced his body and likened it to becoming the milk man presumably for all the male crate challenge contenders’ ladies.

“Yo n*gga outside walkin up crates, I’m inside dropping off the milk.”

The cringe tweet ignited a slew of reactions and over 14,000 likes.

“I’m deleting you off my Apple Music this the last straw man”

“And then you’re walking bout outside a min later mr. one pump chump”

“You too good of a rapper to be saying sh*t like this.”

“Bout to get 50 to bully this guy again cuz he annoying”

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