Elements EDM Festival Leaves Attendees Upset Over Conditions and Wait Times

Some attendees of a recent EDM festival are comparing it to the the 2017 Fyre Festival catastrophe. 

The 2021 edition of Elements Music & Arts Festival, which was promoted as a “lakefront paradise” experience by organizers, left many attendees upset, according to EDM.com. The event, which ran from Friday to Monday and took place in Pennsylvania, resulted in some attendees complaining about logistical and organizational issues, even creating a Facebook page to air out their concerns with others. 

Elements Shit Show 2021” now has over 4,000 members, with many posting clips and images of their experiences at the event, as well as requesting refunds, and more.

Even with performances from Diplo, Bonobo, and others over the weekend, those who attended have accused food vendors of running out of food and alleged that there were wait times of up to 16 hours just to get in the fest. Others said that the restroom situation was “abhorrent” and complained of unsanitary conditions. 

As EDM.com reports, some attendees have talked about a class action lawsuits on social media. Earlier in the weekend, the festival’s Facebook account shared an apology for “how difficult it was to get into the festival” and attributed the problems to the aftermath of Hurricane Ida.

“The logistics team is adapting and working in real time to come up with solutions for any arrival/parking issues that arise from the aftermath of the hurricane,” the statement read. 

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