Joe Budden Has Some Thoughts on Gunna’s NYFW Outfit

Gunna is already generating buzz during New York Fashion Week. But the attention wasn’t exactly positive. 

On Wednesday, the YSL rapper took to Instagram to show off one of his ’fits for the day. The look was anchored by a pair of tall Rick Owens boots and leather vest, and included a sheer long-sleeve sweater, above-the-knee shorts, sunglasses, and his signature layered chains.

Though it is clearly expensive, the blacked-out ensemble was met with harsh reactions, including one from Joe Budden, who has also caught heat for his questionable sartorial choices.

“I’m [sic] don’t wanna hear a word about my outfits ever again,” the podcaster captioned a photo of Gunna.

Gunna has worked with celebrity stylist Bobby Williams for previous events and projects, but insists he is in full control when it comes to creating his looks.

“I just kind of like, put stuff together. I don’t really try to make it seem like a ‘look,’” he said in a 2019 GQ interview, before being asked how he knows if a “look” actually works. “You don’t know. You just gotta have the confidence to know it is. Everybody not gonna like what I wear, but a majority of people are. Everybody’s not gonna understand what I wear because they don’t shop where I shop.”

It’s safe to say Gunna could care less what Budden or anyone else has to say about his personal style. But if you’re looking for some amusement, you can check out other reactions to his get-up below. 

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