Kylie Jenner Finally Reveals Baby Bump In New Pics –

Houston rapper Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner are really expecting – no cap. The hip-hop pair have social media’s attention courtesy of new pics showing off the reality TV star’s growing tummy.


Jenner has blessed her Instagram followers with a batch of new pics. The jaw-dropping shots show her baby bump in a slew of modeling flexes.


Days prior, KJ hit up her Instagram page with nearly two minutes of footage revealing the journey from finding out they’re expecting to celebrating the news. The video also features Jenner’s mom Kris Jenner and their daughter Stormi Webster.

“🤍🤰🏻 @travisscott”

In August 2021, reports emerged about the hip-hop pair possibly preparing to welcome new life into the world.

A source with direct knowledge tells us Kylie is still in the “very early stages” of the pregnancy and does not yet know the sex of the baby … who will make 3-year-old Stormi, a big sister. We do not yet know when the baby is due. Kylie’s made it clear in recent years she didn’t want Stormi to be an only child … saying she felt pressure to have another child in 2020 but wasn’t ready for it just yet. (TMZ)

Travis Scott’s Back W/ Kylie Jenner

In late May 2021, there was a massive twist to Scott and Jenner hooking back up. Apparently, the duo was fine with each other but far from exclusive.

Sources with direct knowledge and connection to both Kylie and Travis tell TMZ … they have rekindled the old flame and are dating again, but they’re also free to date other people. To be blunt … they are in an open relationship. We’re told ever since the 2 broke up in late 2019, Travis has been enjoying the bachelor lifestyle and all that comes with it … but he also wanted to get back with Kylie and be a strong family unit. So, we’re told they’ve agreed to get back together but with a non-exclusive couple arrangement … and both are cool with that. (TMZ)

Travis Scott Shows Love To Kylie Jenner

In early May 2021, Travis shared some heartwarming and rare new photos of Stormi Webster and Kylie together. Along with the rare pics, Cactus Jack included a message expressing how special he thought a mother’s love was for their child.

“Of all the special things in life. The big ones and small. A mama’s love and rage and tenderness. Is the most special of them all.”

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