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Bizarrap, the ultra-viral Argentine producer, continues to revolutionize the music world, presenting his first Music Sessions with Afro-trap beats alongside the renowned French artist MHD.

Bizarrap MHD


Rapped entirely in French, the song explodes to the rhythm of its chorus, “En la capital como Messi, Messi, Messi y merci, merci, merci,” becoming a hymn for soccer fans and the Argentine icon that recently landed in France.

Considered one of the main voices of the afro-trap movement, MHD becomes the first artist from France to participate in a BZRP MUSIC SESSIONS. Managing to assert himself as a generational icon, MHD stands out for making explosive mixes intended to create euphoria and a sense of communion on the dance floor. The rapper gained great recognition after the success of ‘Afro Trap Part’. 3 (Champions League),’ a song that became an anthem for lovers of European sports.

With this new release with MHD, Bizarrap proves once again that his music has no limits or borders: Bizarrap sessions are open to all genres and languages.

In the last couple of years, Bizarrap has emerged as one of the most popular producers in the world.

The artist recently presented his BZRP MUSIC SESSIONS with Chucky 73, which positioned itself at the top of the global trends at the time of its release. Its video already exceeds 17 million views.

In addition, the producer continues to enjoy the success of BZRP MUSIC SESSIONS #41 with Nicky Jam, which gathered more than 200 million streams and reached the top of the world charts.

“YaMeFui”, alongside DUKI and Nicki Nicole, accounts for 50 million streams and countless challenges on the Tik Tok platform. As if that were not enough, during his visit to Spain, Bizarrap reversed “Malbec” for his Gallery Session with DUKI, becoming a #1 trend in just hours of its release.

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