Spotemgotem Inches Away From Being Paralyzed –

Miami, Florida rapper Spotemgotem, was injured in a drive-by shooting in Miami. The rapper was leaving a recording studio when another car drove alongside him and shot 22 times into the driver’s side of his car.



The 18-year-old rapper survived the shooting but he was inches away from being paralyzed.

While on an Instagram live interview with Shawn Cotton, Spotemgotem reveals he was shot twice in the back and a bullet was inches away from paralyzing him. “I’m good now.”

Reportedly, the drive-by shooting took place on September 17th at 3 am EST. After leaving the studio, Spotem was driving his Dodge Charger on I-95 when an unknown car pulled up alongside them and sprayed the car with bullets.

Spotem, was hit in both legs, while his driver was shot in the hip. Both men were taken to the hospital. According to his manager, the rapper is now in stable condition and expected to make a full recovery. The shooter still remains at large.

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