Rihanna Says She and ASAP Rocky Almost Didn’t Attend Met Gala

At first, Rihanna and ASAP Rocky weren’t sure they were going to be in attendance at this year’s Met Gala. However, the celebrity couple did go together, making it their red carpet debut.

“We weren’t even sure if we were going to go, so separately we were planning our looks just to be prepared,” Rihanna told E! News. “We ended up getting ready together and going and I didn’t even realize we were on a carpet together until somebody said, ‘You’re making your debut,’ and I was like, ‘Oh, shit.’”

The two musicians also wore similarly oversized ensembles, with RiRi outfitted in black while Rocky wore a colorful piece that almost looked like a quilt.

Rihanna has been busy preparing for her Savage x Fenty Vol. 3 show, which is set to air on Amazon Prime Video on Sept. 24.

When asked what she loves about the showcase, she told E! News that it’s “seeing the different body types, honestly, because there’s certain things that I designed that I’m like, ‘I would never wear that, just no way. That would make my stomach look terrible.’” She continued, “but then I see someone wear it, and I’m like, ‘No way, I could wear it too!’ Women are just so confident in this show.”

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