Westside Gunn Delivers B Side of ‘Hitler Wears Hermes 8’ Album

Westside Gunn has unleashed the second half of his Hitler Wears Hermes project Sincerely Adolf.

The B Side arrives less than a month after the Griselda founder delivered Side A of the album. He initially told fans the second part would hit streaming services at the beginning of September; however, he decided to delay the release at the request of another artist. 

“Somebody just hit me and said I can’t release side B without them so….. I’m waiting on it,” he tweeted on Sept. 8. “So it’s NOT dropping this Fri. Unfortunately BUT Side A so good I NEED y’all to keeping supporting and run those numbers up.”

Hours before Side B’s release, Gunn revealed the 20-song tracklist and the project’s guest appearances. The effort includes contributions from fellow Griselda members Benny the Butcher and Conway the Machine; as well as Jay Electronica; Armani Caesar; Keisha Plum; 2 Chainz; and Tyler, the Creator.

Sincerely Adolf marks the eighth and final installment of Gunn’s HWH series, which began in 2012. Shortly after he released the A Side, Gunn spoke to Complex about his decision to break the album into two parts.

“I wanted to do a double album because I’ve already got one foot out the door rapping,” he explained, before touching on his possible retirement. “I don’t know when I’m going to end it completely—I might make one more project after this. I might make two more, but I don’t see myself doing more than two more. All the legends had double albums, from Tupac to Biggie to Wu-Tang to Bone Thugs. I just felt like right now I’m living in real-time […] I made my double album. Everybody can’t do that. Like, you can’t not be one of the greats and drop a double album—that shit would just fall flat.”

You can stream HWH8 B Side on all major platforms.


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