NLE Choppa Thinks Eating Meat Is Driving Up Crime In Memphis🤔 –

NLE Choppa announced the launch of his vegan food truck “This Can’t Be Vegan”.The Memphis native revealed that he started his journey as a vegan in August 2020 after realizing how meat was affecting his body.

NLE Choppa


According to reports, murders in Memphis spiked in 2020 and have been increasing alongside the 18 months of the Covid 19 pandemic.

NLE Choppa is convinced that if we ate better food, crime would possibly decrease and academic performance in school could go up.

“Memphis, I feel like, is a place where vegan food is needed the most ’cause I know, just by getting our hands on better food will change the thought process, Possibly the crime rate will go down, scholars will go up, anything. Bro, I have a vegan food truck that will be mobile across the city, from hood to hood, suburb to suburb.”

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