Moneybagg Yo and Ari Respond to ‘The Real’ Hosts Commenting on Rapper’s Gif

Moneybagg Yo recently celebrated his 30th birthday, and the rapper received 28 acres of land as a gift from his girlfriend, Ari Fletcher. While this is a valuable and meaningful gift, the hosts of The Real commented how they thought Ari was “acting married.”’

“Last year, last season, Loni [Love] and I were talking about, ‘Don’t act married if you’re not married,’” host Garcelle Beauvais said about the gift. “This is acting married! That’s a huge gift to someone that you’re not even married to. I feel like, if a man gave me twenty-eight acres, I would feel obligated to stay with them if it didn’t work.”

After Beauvais and her co-hosts commented on the gift, Ari took notice and responded to them on Twitter, saying that they should not comment on the inner workings of their relationship.

“Y’all don’t know the half of what he does for me mentally or financially. I’ve never felt so safe, loved, spoiled and happy with a person,” Ari tweeted. “He loves me and my son so much. I’m sorry that you haven’t experienced a love like this. Focus on getting your own land and your husband.”

She continued, “Y’all mad at Jewlery and cars but generational wealth is taking it too far… people will always have something to say no matter what.”

Moneybagg also chimed in, tweeting that “Love is Love,” and joking about the group hating on his new plot of land.

Moneybagg isn’t the only rapper to have been gifted land as a birthday present. Young Thug also received 100 acres of land for his birthday and said that he would be turning the property into his “Slime City” which will have homes, waterparks, and a campsite on it.

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