MICK and Chi Duly Fuse Jay-Z’s ‘The Blueprint’ With Beyoncé for ‘B-Print’

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MICK and Chi-Duly have returned with their latest project, B-Print, a blend of Jay-Z’s The Blueprint and Beyoncé.

All songs on the 23-track project were produced exclusively for the mixtape, and feature samples from all the classic Blueprint songs, sourced by MICK, and a collection of Beyoncé acapellas, acquired by Chi.

MICK explained the origination of the tape in a press release. “A few weeks ago, I was blasting Jay-Z’s The Blueprint all weekend in honor of its 20th anniversary. My fiancé Carolyn was upstairs playing lots of Beyoncé to balance out the incessant amount of Hov playing in my office.”

MICK added, “At one point, both playlists synced on beat and my mind was blown.” From there, he and Chi created B-Print.

Stream B-Print at the top or below via Soundcloud.

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