Summer Walker Confirms Her Upcoming Album Will Arrive Next Month

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Summer Walker’s sophomore studio album is right around the corner.

On Friday night, the ATL singer/songwriter hit up social media to share some more details about her long-awaited project. Walker filmed herself in a parking lot ahead of the 2021 BET Hip Hop Awards, explaining she intended to share some news on the red carpet, but COVID restrictions prevented her from doing so.

“So I was super excited to go the BET Hip Hop Awards today, but they wouldn’t let me in due to COVID restrictions,” she said. “I had such a pretty dress and everything, but it’s fine. BET love me, I still love BET. I was gonna talk about some stuff on the red carpet, so I decided to pull up anyway and let you guys know some things.”

The camera then points to a side of a building that featured the announcement: “Summer Walker album #2 coming November.”

Walker told fans she would share more information about the project on Oct. 4, which also marks the second anniversary of her debut album, Over It

The 25-year-old had been teasing her sophomore effort throughout the summer, indicating it would boast features by everyone from SZA to Lil Durk to Ari Lennox. Walker also posted a video of her working alongside Pharrell and Sean Garrett, suggesting they, too, were contributing to her album. 

Stay tuned as more details are revealed.

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