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In honor of the Gucci x Hot Wheels x Cadillac Seville collectible being released for Gucci’s 100th Anniversary, we’re taking a look at the top seven rap songs inspired by every OG’s favorite vehicle — from Snoop Dogg to Kendrick Lamar to Ludacris.

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Cadillacs Had The Rap Game On Lock

“Throw Some D’s” by Rich Boy ft Pollow Da Don. Rich Boy showed having a Caddy as a major flex in the hood in 2006. 

Daz Dillinger features Snoop Dogg on “In the Cadillac”. At the beginning of the song Uncle Snoop says, “let’s get in the Cadillac. I’m riding shotgun”

Freddie Gibbs came through with “Boxframe Cadillac”. This was another tribute to wide-body CTS-V.

Ludacris released “Diamond In The Back”. In this remake of Curtis Mayfield’s classic, “Diamond in the Back,” Luda leans on a Caddy while the chorus sings an ode to the “sunroof top”.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis dropped a song with Schoolboy Q “White Walls”. In the first line, he says, “Just wanted to be free and live in his Cadillac.

David Banner also references Caddys in his song, “Cadillacs on 22’s”. The message here is to stay positive and that having faith in God is more important than fame.

One of the first songs to mention the infamous Caddy was on Cadi Man by Jo Doja of The Supafriendz out of Virginia.

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