Kid Cudi Say ‘Man on the Moon’ Album ‘Changed Hip Hop Forever’

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Kid Cudi released his debut studio album Man on the Moon: The End of Day 12 years ago and it still holds up as an influential album to the current sound hip-hop has adopted today.

Cudi took to social media on Tuesday night to uplift his pivotal body of work when fans began pointing out its low score on Pitchfork’s rating scale.

“Pitchfork has never givin me good ratings, and here we are, years later and im still here. Its ok man. They dont need to change it,” Cudi wrote in response to a fan’s tweet talking about the album’s score. “The entire world knows, even my haters, that this album was the one that changed hip hop forever.”

Pitchfork recently published a list of albums that they decided to rescore from the past, and some Cudi fans were upset that Man On The Moon was not one of them. The rapper responded to another fan who asked if getting low scores on his albums ever impacted him, to which he replied that his longevity had remedied those anxieties.

Cudi also jokingly replied to others who pointed out that the cartoon Peppa Pig’s children album had a higher score than MOTM. 

Some of the albums that Pitchfork rescored on their list included Chief Keef’s Back From The Dead, Prince’s Musicology, Daft Punk’s Discovery, Lana Del Rey’s Born to Die, and more. 

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