Maxo Kream Has “The Weight Of The World” On His Shoulders. His New Album Reveals Why. –

On October 18th, Maxo Kream will drop his newest album “The Weight of the World.” The Houston rapper is calling the follow-up to his gritty 2019 “Brandon Banks” release, “symbolic.”

Maxo Kream


Maxo literally has had the weight of the world on his shoulders and that pain will be expressed through his music. 

The upcoming album will be released on  10/18 — a date Maxo calls “symbolic.”  The date honors Maxo’s cousin, Woodrow Kream who died in an accidental shooting by a member of Kream Clicc while they were high on Xanax — a moment Maxo calls a “wakeup call.”    The album is also inspired by the shooting death of Maxo’s brother Money Madu.  It’s also the birthday of his niece Jalae, Money’s daughter who was born the same day her dad died. 

“I lost so much that I can never get bacc but I’m still here ten toes down new album coming on 10/18.”

The Houston rapper has released two singles in anticipation of the upcoming album called “Local Joker” and “Big Persona” ft Tyler the Creator. 

Maxo Kream recently appeared on Wale’s hot summer single featuring Yella Beezy “Down South”

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