Summer Walker Connects With JT on New Single “Ex for a Reason”

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The melodic crooning of Summer Walker has finally returned with her upbeat new single “Ex for a Reason” featuring JT of City Girls.

The track comes as the songstress prepares to release her studio album, Still Over It.

Ahead of the release of the new track, Summer shared some background info about it as well as an incomplete timeline of when each song on the album was written. Based on the timelines, it can be inferred that there will be at least 20 songs on the upcoming project.

Summer and JT both get in their melodic bag on “Ex for a Reason,” imploring people to take control of their relationships and keep the negative energy from past ones out. These feelings are expressed in the smooth hook, where both artists sing: “That bitch your ex (Your ex), for a reason, oh/ Reason, oh/ I don’t wanna know if she stay or don’t/ I don’t make ‘em do what she don’t.”

Still Over It is the direct sequel to Summer Walker’s debut album Over It that dropped back in October, 2019. In fact, according to the timeline that she shared on Instagram, “Ex for a Reason” was written at the same time Over It was released. 

Listen to Summer Walker’s new single “Ex for a Reason” featuring JT down below and be on the lookout for Still Over It, which is due Nov. 5.


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