South London Newcomer Dexter Drops Lo-Fi Earworm “Paper Cup”

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Melding indie-pop and R&B together with alternative cues, ​​​dexter is one of the most exciting singer-songwriters to come out of South London’s artistic bubble, and she’s just dropped her new single “Paper Cup”.

Following her well-recieved I Do Love A Good Sandwich EP, which dropped in August, “Paper Cup” is a welcome return to dexter’s lo-fi-tinted musical soundboard. Produced by dexter herself and Kurisu, “Paper Cup” is a stripped-backed dance tune that’s equally weighted in fizzy electronic tropes and heady, introspective verses. 

“’Paper Cup’ is about me feeling overwhelmed by my thoughts and how that can often stop me from doing the simplest of things, for example just getting a cup of water to drink—that’s why it’s called ‘Paper Cup’,” dexter explained to Dork“I would’ve just sung ‘cup’, but it sounded better with ‘paper’. I also really wanted to make a song that was kind of dancey, as I don’t really have any like that—something that has a more fast-paced vibe to it, and that’s different to what I have done before.”

In little over 18 months, dexter has proven herself to be one of the creative and resourceful newcomers around. Peep the “Paper Cup” visualiser at the top, and be sure to add the songs to your playlists.

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