Bobby Shmurda Returns With New Track “Cartier Lens”

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Bobby Shmurda returned to drop off his new song “Cartier Lens.”

“I was in there all alone, all by myself, n**ga,” Bobby raps on the track. “Ain’t no one to call my mom, was broke, ain’t got no bail, n**ga.” 

The Brooklyn rapper, who was released from prison in February after spending several years behind bars, previously shared the music video for “No Time for Sleep (Freestyle)” in September. 

In October, Bobby donated 2,000 backpacks containing supplies like notebooks, pencils, and pens to kids at public schools in New York City. The 27-year-old also released a video message encouraging kids to stay in school.

“Please do not give your mommas no trouble this year,” Bobby said in his message. “And please do not give your teachers no trouble this year.” He continued, “I want to say that I’m proud of y’all for being brave, for being strong, and for staying in school. Always remember you guys are unstoppable. You can do anything you set your mind to.”

Outside of music and philanthropy, Bobby was featured in the campaign for OVO’s new collaboration with the NBA alongside Chief Keef and Drakeo the Ruler. Bobby was fittingly pictured modeling New York Knicks gear.

Take a listen to “Cartier Lens” up top via YouTube or below through Spotify.

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