Jay-Z Shares Advice for Success With 11-Year-Old Reporter

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Just a week after landing an interview with Nas, 11-year-old reporter Jazlyn a.k.a. Jazzy is going viral after scoring an interview with another hip-hop legend.

The young journalist from from Bushwick, Brooklyn has made a name for herself by posting motivational videos where she speaks with artists, athletes, and other notable figures on her Instagram account @jazzysworldtv as well as her TikTok, where she’s amassed 2.3 million likes. She took to the platforms on Monday to premiere her latest clip—embedded above—for her combined followership of nearly 130,000 users.

“The 🐐 @jayz shares a few tips for success with me & other kids watching. … Thanks so much for sharing time with me,” she wrote in a caption, teasing a part two coming this Friday.

Speaking with Jay-Z on a sidewalk in New York, Jazzy asked, “To all the kids that have dreams of being successful like you, what advice could you give them?”

Jay replied, “Believe in yourself, even before anyone else believes in you. You’ve got to have ultimate confidence, like you do. You’re very confident.”

Wrapping up, he emphasized, “And just belief in yourself.”

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