Travis Scott Pulls Out of Day N Vegas, Will Refund All Astroworld Attendees

Travis Scott will refund all attendees of his Astroworld festival in Houston, Texas after eight concertgoers died and over 300 others were injured after a crowd surge.

Per Variety, Scott, who has released two statements in wake of the incident, is also not expected to deliver his headlining performance at Day N Vegas festival on Saturday, Nov. 13, with sources telling the outlet that he’s “too distraught to play.”

At least eight people died around the time of Scott’s Astroworld set. Houston Fire Chief Sam Peña said crowd members rushed towards the stage at around 9:15 p.m. local time, causing mass panic among the attendees. 

Prior to his time on stage, Scott was reportedly warned by the Houston police chief who was concerned about the “energy” of the crowd. “The one person who can really call for and get a tactical pause when something goes wrong is that performer,” Peña said on Sunday. “They have that bully pulpit and they have a responsibility.” Among the eight confirmed dead was a 14-year-old freshman, and a 16-year-old junior. 

On Sunday, lawsuits were filed against Travis Scott, Drake, and Live Nation by multiple attendees of the festival. “Defendants failed to properly plan and conduct the concert in a safe manner,” attendee Manuel Souza’s attorney, Steve Kherkher, said. “Instead, they consciously ignored the extreme risks of harm to concertgoers, and, in some cases, actively encouraged and fomented dangerous behaviors.”

For Day N Vegas, Scott was set to follow Lil Baby and Doja Cat on the main stage on Saturday. He was a co-headliner of the festival, along with Kendrick Lamar and Tyler, the Creator. Plans for his replacement have yet to be announced.

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