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DaniLeigh has been on an emotional rollercoaster for the last 72 hours, to say the least. The singer recently had the cops called on her by DaBaby while she was taking care of their child in his home.



DaniLeigh took to her Instagram Story to further comment on her current situation saying, 

“Last thing ima clear…I didn’t leave the house bc i’m in charlotte..I have no friends/family out there and i ain’t walking outside exposing her and myself looking crazy with luggages.My assistant flex in so i could catch a flight that was later but I wanted to go to his house to grad the baby’s clothes. He said na then he went live. Did me how he did and the rest is yeah but needed to clear that so yall dont think im just sitting there while someone kicking me and my baby out”

In response to DaBaby calling the cops on DaniLeigh, her brother Brandon Bills threatened DaBaby.

“This don’t got nothing to do with my sister no more bro…I’m in the hospital right now. I got in a car accident and I’ll still beat your ass. When you come to the west coast bro you gon catch this one on one fade..I wanna see how much of a gangster you are.”

R&B singer Tank offered words of encouragement to DaniLeigh and advised her to make music during this difficult time. Tank shared a tweet of his to Instagram where he wrote, “If I was managing DaniLeigh I’d tell her to channel that energy into amazing music! I first hand know that art connected to pain often yields the most profit. Summer Walker is at the top by writing her life. Honest and unapologetic! Some will laugh, some will listen and some will heal..R&B Money!.”

This news comes on the heels of the recent reporting of DaBaby announcing his upcoming tour.

DaBaby made homophobic comments earlier this year at Rolling Loud that got him heavy backlash and “canceled by many of the LGBTQ community. The North Carolina rapper has now been declared uncancelled and just announced he’s going on tour.

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