Soulja Boy Says People Would Be Happy If He Ended Up Dead

Just a day after he was removed from the Millennium Tour in the wake of Young Dolph’s fatal shooting, Soulja Boy took to his Instagram Live on Friday to share some words about the Memphis legend’s tragic death.

“What the fuck Young Dolph dying got to do with me,” Soulja said. “I’m still getting paid for the Memphis show.”

Soulja Boy went on to address the people who are saying he should be more sad about Dolph’s death, claiming that his haters would be happy if he was the one who was fatally shot. 

“If that would’ve been me, y’all would’ve been laughing and cracking jokes,” he said. “It wouldn’t have been no ‘Rest In Peace Soulja Boy.’ Don’t jump in my DMs like you gangster, then when your big homie die expect me to be sad.”

About a week before Dolph’s murder, he and Soulja got into a tense online exchange over money claims. Dolph said he was bringing in $100,000 for each live performance, but Soulja apparently wasn’t convinced that Dolph was telling the truth.

“How da f**k I’m an independent artist and gettin 100rax plus for a show?” Dolph wrote. “How da f*** @keyglock got more cars & ice than you & your CEO?”

Soulja went on to issue an expletive-filled warning to Dolph, Key Glock, and the rest of the Paper Route Empire team.

“Young Dolph if you don’t get your bitch-ass artists out my motherfuckin’ DMs, n***a,” he said in a video. “Fuck Paper Route, fuck Key Glock, fuck Young Dolph, fuck all y’all n***as.”

Following Dolph’s shooting, Soulja was removed from the Millennium Tour, with G-Squared Events explaining its team made the decision out of safety concerns for the artists, patrons, and touring representatives. As of now, Soulja will not perform during this weekend’s stops in St. Louis and Memphis, where Dolph was gunned down Wednesday afternoon while purchasing cookies from a bakery.

“The safety and welfare of our patrons are the first and foremost priority.” G-Squared Events said in a statement. “We pride ourselves on bringing high-quality concert experiences to our patrons. In times like this, we will stop at nothing to ensure that everyone that participates in these experiences is healthy, safe, and quite frankly having a good time.”

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