Here’s Kanye’s Plan to Solve Los Angeles’ Homelessness Crisis

Kanye West’s latest calling is to help Los Angeles’ homeless population.

TMZ reports that the rapper has been connecting with philanthropic organizations to figure out how to support the city’s homeless people, while also working to alleviate the issue. Kanye apparently recently took a meeting with Reverend Troy Vaughn, CEO of L.A. Mission, where Ye outlined particular ways he can provide aid for the unhoused.

West wants to keep providing food to homeless people by partnering with a number of charitable organizations in the city; together, he believes they can draft a plan. Next, he wants his companies to supply education, jobs, and housing to those in need.

Thirdly, the Donda rapper wants to use his artistry and Sunday Service to inspire the unhoused. Lastly, he wants to team up with groups that have already undertaken this work and merge their endeavors to advocate for the homeless community. All in all, Kanye West wants to fully eradicate the homelessness crisis.

Ye is already heading his own efforts: last week, he gave 1,000 meals to L.A. Mission. It appears he took the meeting with Vaughn at the same time.

Last week West took to Instagram to show gratitude for his life in a Thanksgiving prayer. He was honest about a number of situations, including his marriage, endorsement of Trump, struggles with alcohol, religion, and more. Yeezy also commented on his family life, expressed his desire to get his them all back together, and how he has to be responsible for himself. “I take accountability for my actions,” he said. “The one thing that all my successes and failures have in common is me.”

Kanye dedicated his Nov. 28 Sunday Service to his late friend and longtime collaborator Virgil Abloh, who passed away from cancer at age 41.

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