Charlamagne tha God Says He’s Ready to Patch Things Up With Nicki Minaj

In an appearance on Jalen Rose’s podcast, Breakfast Club host Charlamagne Tha God admitted that he would like to make amends with Nicki Minaj.

Back in 2019, Minaj accused the radio host and media personality of leading a “hate train” against her, which he ultimately denied. He did give a particularly unflattering review of her hit single “Anaconda,” but he also credited her with kickstarting a whole new wave of female rappers. Speaking with Jalen Rose, Charlamagne said if there was one artist he could smooth things over with it would be Nicki Minaj.

“What celebrity would I like to make amends with…probably Nicki Minaj,” he told Rose. “Me and Nicki used to be super, we used to be really cool. Yeah I was very vocal about not liking the ‘Anaconda’ record back in the day and, yeah, definitely, probably Nicki. I got a lotta respect for Nicki. What Nicki has done is unprecedented. She revitalized female hip-hop over the past decade. All of these new artists, every single one of them from Cardi to Meg, to whoever… It’s because of Nicki, [she] opened that lane again.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Charlamagne suggested that he wanted to change his ways from a “shock jock” personality after he learned that his criticism of Young Thug early in his career hurt his feelings. 

“He’s 30 years old and he’s telling me how much my words hurt him back in the day and how mad he was about it … And he was like, ‘Yo, I was 18, 19 year old kid coming out of the ghetto, just trying to figure things out’ … I didn’t understand it back then,” he said.  “And it really continued to put things in perspective for me, just like, I don’t want to hurt nobody, man. That’s … not my intention.”

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