Tyler, the Creator Shares His Top 5 Jay Z Songs In No Particular Order

In celebration of Jay-Z taking another trip around the sun, Spotify’s Carl Chery took to Twitter to ask what his followers’ top five favorite Hov songs are, “without overthinking it.”

Chery later posted a video of Tyler, the Creator sharing his own top five Jay-Z songs, “in no particular order.” The Odd Future rapper listed ended up listing six: “Fuck All Nite,” “Excuse Me Miss,” “Funk Flex Grammy Family Freestyle,” “Allure,” “Do It Again (Put Ya Hands Up),” and “Show You How.”

At the end, Tyler said Hov’s song “Do It Again” from Vol. 3… Life and Times of S. Carter was “crazy” and “insane,” and then ended up naming his sixth favorite song, “Show You How.” “That last verse on ‘Show You How’ put a lot in perspective for me as a kid but that’s six so I’m done.”

Chery said his No. 1 Jay-Z song is “D’Evils” from Reasonable Doubt, and said his remaining four are “Dead Presidents,” “Where I’m From,” “A Million and One Questions (Premiere Remix),” “U Don’t Know.”

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