Kid Cudi on Finally Meeting Fellow ‘Don’t Look Up’ Star Meryl Streep

Don’t Look Up, Adam McKay’s Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence-starring new comedy about humankind’s indifference toward the end of all that we hold dear, is out later this month. At this weekend’s premiere, Kid Cudi—who’s among the extended cast for the Netflix film—finally got a chance to meet his co-star Meryl Streep.

The three-time Oscar winner plays President Janie Orlean, who—as seen in the recently released trailer—isn’t exactly handling news of an impending “planet killer” comet with urgency. “Feelin’ really good about this one,” Cudi told fans following the film’s premiere on Sunday. 

As for meeting Streep, who’s not in any Don’t Look Up scenes with Cudi, the Entergalactic artist told fans that she showed him “so much love” at the premiere. “I fuckin’ adore her so it was a very VERY big deal,” he said. “Gassed. Meryl is fam now.”

Later, Cudi briefly reflected on how Streep approached him when the two joined up with other cast members for a group photo. See more from Cudi below.

Following a release in select theaters this Friday, Don’t Look Up—also featuring Jonah Hill, Rob Morgan, Ariana Grande, Timothée Chalamet, Cate Blanchett, and more—hits Netflix on Dec. 24. See a production still of Cudi and Grande in character as as DJ Chello and Riley Bina below.

Kid Cudi is seen in a still from his new movie.

Last week, Cudi and Grande linked up for the new song “Just Look Up,” taken from the dark comedy’s soundtrack.

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