EarthGang Release “American Horror Story” Off Upcoming Album

The dynamic Dreamville duo EarthGang have released their new song “American Horror Story,” which will be featured on their studio album Ghetto Gods on Jan. 28. 

“American Horror Story” is a familiar Black American narrative, from slave ships to racial profiling and being mistreated by the same country we built. Olu opens the track by chronicling the generational trauma brought about by the slave trade, Jim Crow, and the insidious nature of the nation’s past, while WowGr8 brings us back to the present in the second verse and dives into gentrification, trying to get a seat at the table, and more recent acts of white supremacy. All the while, the hook “set me free” echoes in the background.

“American Horror Story” is the first taste of Ghetto Gods. Their last full-length endeavor came in their 2019 album, Mirrorland, which featured their unique brand of Atlanta psychedelic funk mixed with impressive rapping. 

Ghetto Gods arrives on Jan. 28, which is coincidentally Dreamville head honcho J. Cole’s birthday. Back in February, the group tweeted that they’re releasing their album the “same day @JColeNC dropping.”

While it’s unclear whether that remains true or not, especially considering Cole’s The Off-Season isn’t far in the rearview mirror, it’s useful to keep in mind.

In the meantime, listen to EarthGang’s “American Horror Story” up top through YouTube or here via Spotify/Apple Music.

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