Larry Hoover Jr. Talks Kanye and Drake Connecting for Benefit Concert

As Drake and Kanye West are preparing to come together in Los Angeles for their ‘Free Larry Hoover’ benefit to raise awareness and hopefully free the former Chicago organized crime leader from his life sentence, Hoover’s son says that his father is slightly worried about the show.

In the interview that you can watch above, Larry Hoover Jr. joined Drea O on the Drea O Show to talk about his relationship with Kanye, how important he thinks the charity show is, and why his dad is nervous about it because of the kind of attention it might draw towards him. 

“Yeah, he’s aware of it and he has to be concerned because he doesn’t know how it may affect him,” Hoover Jr. said around the 6:05 mark. “He’s concerned that it may affect him negatively because it’s showing his influence, but his influence is positive. Him being an influential person, it just won’t disappear.”

Hoover Jr. continued by explaining that he knows his father would never use his influence negatively, and that never in his wildest dreams did he think two of the biggest artists in the world like Kanye West and Drake would be coming together to free him.

“I didn’t think it would happen, but it was possible, but not probable,” he explained.

After Kanye first posted a video with J. Prince asking for Drake to join him for the ‘Free Larry Hoover’ benefit show, the two artists came together along with Prince to squash their beef and announce that it would be happening. The show is set to take place on Dec. 9 at the Los Angeles Coliseum, and will also be streamed at select iMAX theaters.

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