2Pac Estate Unveils NFT Series Based on His Personal Jewelry Collection

The Shakur Estate celebrates 2Pac’s legacy with an newly unveiled NFT (non-fungible token) series.

Dubbed the “Immortal Collection,” the four-piece range was created in partnership with Digital Arts & Sciences and Impossible Brief, one of the world’s leading specialists in digital art and collectibles. According to a press release, the series is based on some of Pac’s personal jewelry pieces that each reflect what Pac saw in himself. There’s  the “Artist,” which is represented by his 2PAC ring; the “Activist” symbolized by the Makaveli bracelet; the “Sinner” solitaire diamond ring; and the “Saint,” which is represented by the Euphanasia medallion necklace, which he wore in the last photo ever taken of him.

“Tupac’s belief that everyone has the right to express themselves honestly through whichever artform they saw fit includes everything from music, to acting, from writing to dance, from photography and culinary art to self-expression through fashion. For Tupac, this included his choice of jewelry,” the press release read. “… In the last year of his life, he had the luxury of not just affording higher-end items, but he started to design them himself, down to the smallest details.”

Working alongside Digital Arts & Sciences and Impossible Brief, the estate went through Pac’s personal archives and curated a series of pieces they believed had the deepest meanings to him. The Immortal Collection, which also marks the first NFTs authorized by the late rapper’s estate, provides a sneak peek at some of the items that will be displayed at the “Tupac Shakur. Wake Me When I’m Free” exhibit.

You can get a closer look at the Immortal Collection in the images below. The NFTs are expected to drop Dec. 15 at MakersPlace.

Tupac Immortal Collection

Tupac Immortal Collection

Tupac Immortal Collection


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