Roddy Ricch Teases ‘Live Life Fast’ Album With Cinematic Trailer

With his highly anticipated sophomore album Live Life Fast set to drop next Friday, Roddy Ricch has released a cinematic short film featuring the album’s intro track.

Backed by Ty Dolla Sign vocals, the trailer sees Roddy deliver a monologue while speeding down back roads in his signature Rolls Royce truck.

“My OG P told me, the goal in life was to have fast money, fast bitches and fast cars. But the consequences behind that life is glory. But all fast things must slow down,” he says. “And at some point, life will force you to stop. His result was 26 years in a federal penitentiary. I’ve realized I’ve lived fast. I want to take my time. Time is the most expensive luxury in the world. It’s something you spend, and never get back. But you never know how much you have left.” 

The trailer arrives just a week after Roddy revealed the album artwork, which features a Nipsey Hussle-inspired photo of the Compton rapper riding through the city in a Rolls Royce.

Last Friday, Roddy took to Twitter to thank his fans for their support. 

“I wanna take time out to appreciate all my fans that stayed down with my even though I’ve always been the artists to take my time with the pictures I paint through this music shit,” Roddy said. “I appreciate every DM, every ticket bought, every stream, every album bought, every piece of love the world has shown me in the time I’ve been known in this light.”

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