Tory Lanez Stops Concert Brawl… With A Impromptu Freestyle –

Tory Lanez has his own superpower to stop chaos at his concerts.  When some rowdy fans at his London concert got into a scuffle in the middle of his show, the “Jerry Sprunger” rapper soothed them to silence with an impromptu crooning freestyle. 


“Hold on, hold on, hold on,” he first told the crowd in clips surfacing online. When the music stopped, the emcee told his band, “Don’t stop the music…”

“Please, no fighting,” the Canadian native later sang to the crowd. “While I’m singing this song, no fighting/ No motherf**kin’ fighting/ While I’m singing this song, no fighting… Tell my man right there no fighting/ Aye, c’mon. No f**kin’ fighting.”

It worked as he got the crowd’s attention and was able to save the show from a potential disaster.

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